Webinar: How LiDAR Can Help Your Mining Operation

Mine operations can be improved with LiDAR mapping in areas such as mine safety, the accuracy of volumetrics, compliance, and many more.

Fly, Drive, and Walk- to Collect Survey Grade Data

Mobile mapping over longer distances or in some of the more challenging, featureless environments has been limited by LiDAR capabilities – until now.

Geo Week Insights That will Move the Built World Forward

Fresh from Geo Week, Aaron Newby, Emesent’s Channel Sales Director in America, will share in this webinar what the buzz was at Geo Week and how we can take advantage of these coming developments.

Webinar: Mapping a Sinkhole and Hazardous Coastal Areas Safely

When a  dangerous sinkhole the size of half a tennis court suddenly appeared at a popular tourist location on the Robe coastline, the council looked to a leading provider of spatial data services, Veris, to safely capture the data needed for accurate decision-making.

Webinar: Expand Your Data Capture Reach

Watch this webinar to hear from Emesent’s Senior Product Manager, Mark Gordan, and Emesent Technical Sales Consultant, Ross Richter, as they share how the new Hovermap ST-X and Long Range Radio add-on increase the communication range up to 20 times further.

Webinar: Better Coverage and Efficiency for Industrial Plants and Infrastructure Data Capture

In this webinar, Dron-e, unmanned aerial system experts, will share how they have increased the efficiency of their data capture while also ensuring better coverage. Technical manager, Andrea, will discuss the capture of a complete power generation plant and the digital reconstruction of a bridge.

Webinar: Hovermap For Forestry

Find out how Hovermap solves the problem of data capture in challenging under canopy forestry environments

Webinar: Achieving Greater Data Collection Levels, Faster, for Longhole Stoping

Mine Survey Plus was engaged to assist at the longhole stoping operations of a narrow vein, open stope gold mine located in the Kalgoorlie region of the Western Australian Goldfields.

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